If you are looking for:

-An evidence-based approach to learning how to read for your child

-A way to get your kids playing and having fun while learning

-Extension activities to do at home so the learning doesn't stop after our lesson

-On demand, recorded lessons that you can watch them over and over and at the pace that is just right for your child

-Repetition of essential skills to help move them to mastery

-Activities that will get your kids reading, writing, playing learning games, listening to stories and growing positive mindsets

You are in the right place!!

This class will work on skills such as:

Phonemic awareness:

Isolating, blending and segmenting sounds

Reading and writing words with

-Beginning blends

-Ending blends

-"Magic -e"

-ed endings

Reading Connected Text with these skills

Reading and writing multisyllabic words

Growing Vocabularies

This course is closed for enrollment.

We have two options for Flourishing Readers!

Flourishing Readers will work on learning new skills as well as writing and reading words with these skills.

If you are looking to work on all essential foundational skills, Flourishing Readers Ultimate is the choice for you!

Not Sure Which Skills Your Child Needs to Work On?

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